Your Thoughts Matter 💫…

Our thoughts matter more than we realize. If you’re constantly filling yourself and mind with negative thoughts it can weighed you down mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Don’t focus on what didn’t work out, or who failed you, or what you did or didn’t do right.

Instead Try,

Im Human ; I’m going to make mistakes, I’m not perfect. How can I improve and learn from my previous failures.

I Can Do Hard Things ; I’m going to keep pushing forward. I won’t let my failures hinder my in life. I can do this, I got this. No matter how hard this gets I’m gonna reach that goal, I’m gonna pass that test, I CAN DO THIS!!

I’m Learning; Life is all full of ups and downs. I’ve made mistakes but Im still learning. We don’t have all of the answers. THATS OKAY!!

What Is This Teaching Me; Ask yourself this question everyday. Only you can answer for yourself. There’s a lesson in every blessing.

Your Thoughts Matter… Fill on the positives, There’s a lesson in every blessing.




Where can I??

We are all guilty of searching for the things we desire most in other people or things.

We are want Peace, we desire Love and to be Loved, we desire Happiness and expect it from others in order for you to be fulfilled. In reality we need to seek those within ourselves. After all how can we expect these from other people when we can’t even find it within ourselves? How can we love someone when we can’t love ourselves? How can we find happiness with someone when we can’t be happy within ourselves?

Where can you go to find Peace?

Where can you go to find Love?

Where can you go to find Happiness?

Look inside Yourself… You hold it.



Reset… Whenever you feel …

Who says You have to wait until January 1st to set new goals and start working towards them?

Nah, You can start any day.. Right Now even..

You decide when it’s time to start fresh if that’s what you need. Set new goals when they first cross your mind. I mean why wait? What are you waiting for in the first place?

Set your goals,,

List the small goals needed in order to reach the ultimate goal,,

Execute, Execute, Execute….

Don’t wait… Hit The Reset Button Whenever you’re Ready.



Even on the Hard days ….Stay Positive…✍🏽

It’s easy for someone to tell you ” Stay positive” when you’re going through a period of chaos in your life. It could be that you’re just having a bad day.. a tough stretch throughout the week, or even seem like your whole year has been full chaos. It’s definitely possible and it’s not unusual.

Staying Positive Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be Happy All The Time…

But as long as you keep your head held high and know that better days are coming, is one step closer to you making through to the next phase. Program your mind to say “this is temporary”, because it it! Long as you believe better days are coming. They will. Don’t dwell on the bad days.. Don’t dwell on the “Why’s” and the ” Why nots”. Focus on how to move past that rough patch, how to overcome whatever it is that’s burdening you at the moment and make it a lesson. Wake up everyday with a mindset of “Today is going to be better than Yesterday”, and even if it’s not you push forward and maintain a positive attitude and energy and you’d be surprised your day/ week could turn around and turn your frown upside down…..🙁😊

Stay Positive… Better Days Are Coming


-A.Michelle ❤️