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download   Newbie here! Hey guys, so as you know I am a new blogger. I started my blog about a year ago. I made a few post but wasn’t really into it and caught myself moving away from it until I eventually stopped blogging overall. I’m back for good now. I found that blogging is good for me. It’s therapeutic. It allows me to write freely, put my thoughts out there no matter the topic or whether anyone agrees with me or not. I knew when i started my blog that I did not want to blog about anything involving politics, religion, or anything that could relate to that. I want t create something that allows discussion and conversation but also allows me to express my thoughts and have fun. I know a lot of blogs are dedicated to one specific thing, and I love it! However I choose randomness. I choose variety. I choose fun lol…

So for any of my fellow new bloggers or my bloggers who are more experienced, please I would love some feedback on my blog. Anything you think I should look into or anything that could potentially help me to get my blog noticed more and attract more readers. This is not for business this is definitely for my pleasure and something that allows me freedom in the form of writing.


Would love your thoughts and feedback ,…. 🙂


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