Dear, Broken WOMAN


Dear Broken Woman,


I hope this letter finds you. I hope you are being good to yourself. I hope you are being patient with yourself. I know things are tough, tougher than you’re used to. I know things are happening and you feel it is out of your control. I know you’re wondering why me? What did you do to deserve so much hurt, so much pain. You’re very confused and upset because you have no control of what is hurting you the most. Or maybe you do. Either way I need you to hang in there. I need you to hold your head high! Walk tall and get up every morning and be confident that everything will be just fine. It’s okay to cry! Scream if you have to, it’s part of the healing process but remember when you finish you wipe your tears and you continue to push through. Push through whatever it is that is hurting you. I assure you that nothing last forever and I’m no expert but I will tell you this, as long as you continue to be patient, be kind, speak and think positive with yourself, nothing can hold you down forever. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and speak positive things. I promise you everything will work out for the better. Love yourself more than whatever is hurting you. Forgive yourself, make a change if necessary. Dear broken woman, I hope this letter finds you.

Be patient, Be kind. Take it one day at a time.




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