Promise to self…

As human beings we are so caught up on wanting to please others, wanting to create happiness for others. We frequently make promises to prove to others that we are reliable or proving that we are trustworthy to maintain friendships and relationships. I know I’m guilty of this! There nothing wrong with this, but when was the last time you made a promise to yourself? When was the last time you tried or worked on the relationship with yourself? Most people don’t think about it. Most are their best selves for others but not for themselves. Let’s make a promise to self… 

Promise something to yourself that you will improve or give more of,, or even won’t tolerate anymore. Anything involving self improvement is always a win.

My promise to self is to be more patient.. be more kind and take care of my body better. Eat healthy, workout daily , remove negative energy and people out of my life. I promise to get more rest .. the body definitely needs proper rest. Last and most importantly take time on relationships, with family with friends and significant others. Reach out more, strengthen relationships and communicate more. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

This is my promise to self ….

What is your promise to self? What’s something you want to improve or commit to within yourself?


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