Dear Jewel….💞

Dear Jewel,

March 29,2003, finally my dreams were answered.  I have a little sister was all I could say! You were the best thing to happen to me. Your sweet smile, your chubby cheeks, your squeaky laugh when you were just a baby was music to my ears. You’ve cahnged me in ways you don’t even realize. You were born with Downsyndrome although the doctors said you wouldn’t be able to do this or do that you proved them wrong every time. You push me to be better. You always have. When my days are cloudy and gray, when I am faced with lifes challenges and just want to disappear and give up I think nope, Jewel didn’t give up so how can I? When I recievd the phone call that you had a stroke, loosing movement on the right side of your body with a blood clot on your brain and going through all of this only at the vulnerable age of 15, my world stopped. My heart skipped beats, my breaths became short and reality hit me hard with no time to brace for impact. But 2 weeks later the strength you have within you, you overcame it all. You smiled everyday even though you were in pain, your spirit is so touching and calming. The crocked smile that I saw when I asked you to smile reassured me that my God is still in control and from that day you’ve done nothing but progressed. You are the treasure at the end of my rainbow, the light at the end of every challeneg I face. Your name defines exactly what you are to me a precious, valuable, rare gift that you can’t find just anywhere. Mom chose the perfect name for you. I love you  and I thank God for blessing with you. You are my motivation and my peace.  Stay strong baby girl we got this, God got us…..

P.S…. There’s so much beauty behind that crocked smile

Your Big Sis ..Ashley


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