Committing to Commitments….

How many times have we made commitments to ourselves that we didn’t follow through or made some sorry excuse that it wasn’t doable? How many of us have let the “fear of failure” stop us at completing something? Could be a goal,, a plan,, a trip,, a relationship anything really….

I’ll be the first to say, “ I am guilty of all of them”! I know things I’ve always wanted to do I allowed  mostly fear of failure stop me or I was simply just to lazy. One day I woke up and I knew things had to change. I decided that I am going to challenge myself to commit to my commitments. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small goal,, planning a trip,, loose weight,, or even as simple as cleaning out the storage unit. Committing to my commitments will allow me to progress in life. It has helped me to stretch and reach pass the lazy mode that dragged on and on for years that held me back from reaching amazing levels that I’ve reached today. We are so focused on committing to others things and people  only at the benefits of them. But what about ourselves? I challenge anyone who reads this to set 3 goals. Doesn’t have to be super serious it could be something you’ve wanted to do for fun or could be a serious goal that only you’ve held your self from. Either way I challenge you to commit to them. I can promise you that just staying  committed to these will start a new trend for your life that will push you to success and change the way you view yourself as a person and know that you are capable of anything. Commit to yourself,, commit to your goals,, commit to your commitments and watch how your energy, your mind, your surroundings change and flourish in ways you never thought possible for yourself . Stretch outside of your comfort zone,, focus on where you want to go.. and stay committed. Those “ I cant’s” will soon be “ I will’s”.D022F443-CCD6-477D-9A6B-A167F993FD37

Committing to your Commitments is the key….


A.Michelle ❤️

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