Trust The Vibes You Get Energy Doesn’t Lie……..

“Trust The Vibes You Get, Energy Doesn’t Lie”

We all have crossed paths with someone that just wasn’t good to be with or to be around. Relationships… Friendships… even Family. As I got older I realized that protecting my peace was one of the best things I do. With all the chaos around us each and everyday we have to be able to find and have that calmness within and peace around us. Peace allow us to regroup, gather our thoughts, plan, pray, meditate and prepare for the next moments of our days. Peace is one of the the most powerful and precious things we as humans can discover. If you get an uneasy feeling about someone, or you’re in a relationship of any kind and it’s nothing but stressful and brings nothing but bad thoughts and depression or bad vibes…

Its time to change that. Time to find your Peace and protect that energy.

“Trust The Vibes You Get Energy Doesn’t Lie”

A.Michelle ❤️


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