It’s okay NOT to be OKAY!!

People always expect you to be 100% all the time but truth is we aren’t always at our best. We have our days where we are super happy, energetic, fully alert and ready for anything! Then we have our days where we are simply out of it!!! I am here to let you know it is perfectly okay Not to be Okay… We wake up some mornings angry for no reason ( let’s all be honest) just irritated at nobody lol and most of us can’t shake it. We have work weeks were we are good all the way until Wednesday then Thursday we ready for our next off day!! You are not perfect and don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking you have to be! We go through different emotions everyday and that’s what makes us who we are. Trying to be perfect for everyone will only stress you out! Seriously! It’s perfectly okay not to be okay and don’t let anyone else tell you any different.

– A.Michelle ❤️

Published by A. Michelle ❤️

Just a girl and her Blog! 😊

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