Dream + Goal +Plan +Action =REALITY!!!



“a plan backed by action becomes reality”.

I am starting my first blog of 2019 off with this. We all have dreams that we aspire to bring to life everyday. Some are huge dreams and some are small dreams but a deam is a dream! We must work to bring them to reality. What if we acted on those dreams? I challenge all of my readers to abide by this. Write down your dream and give your self a deadline to complete the steps needed to bring those dreams you’ve written down to reality. When you write down your goals, then list the steps needed to be completed to meet your goal. Then lets make plans to get to where you need to be and a step closer to reaching those goals . Now once you do these steps the easy part is done. The last and finale part will be all on you, it will not be easy as most of us already know because we all know if it were easy we would have everything we want in life! (I totally wish that it was that easy.)

A plan backed by action becomes reality….

This is the most important piece in everything we do in life. We can write down all the things we wish to have. We can write down all the steps needed to get you closer to your goals and dreams, but what is a plan with out action? We have to do the work. Follow the plan you created and take the steps needed to get closer to your goals. Follow every step, no shortcuts, no taking the easy routes. Take your time, follow your timelines, meets your deadlines and I know you will bring those dreams to reality!!

I challenge all of you to this. I will part take in this as well. I can’t wait to see all the dreams come to reality!!!

We got this!! Remember



-A.Michelle ❤️

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