Approval & Growth DO NOT MIX…

We live our lives every day dealing with people and doing things that we feel are necessary just to get the approval from others. We are all guilty of it. We post pictures on social media to get likes from people, most of whom we don’t even know. We hang with people who we don’t really like but we deal with them anyway. Why? Well that’s a really good question. This was my life before I decided that something needed to change!!!!

I felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere. Everything in my life seemed pointless from the materialistic things that didn’t mean anything to me really and added no value to my life. The people weren’t inspiring to push forward or set any goals. They pretty much was happy with their current situations and at that time I knew I wasn’t. I had to do something about it.

I knew I had to change everything I was doing in order to get to the life I wanted for myself. I desired change. I needed Growth. Once I made up my mind the things I wanted and the life I desired I started thinking differently. Not based on how everyone felt or what they would think but solely on what Ashley wanted and what she’s needed to accomplish to get there. Immediately I put myself in a better situations. Surrounded myself with better people and when I say better people I mean the goals they had, the things they were doing and working on. Didn’t matter if we had the same goals or not, the fact they actually set goals and created plans on how to reach them. It motivated me in so many ways. Mentally, emotionally, physically I changed, I grew stronger. I grew to a point where I didn’t care what ANYONE thought about me and what I was doing. Approval and Growth Do Not Mix..

I say all this to say do what makes YOU happy. Not for the approval of others but for you. Get out of that comfort stage and make the moves you need to make to get to your goals. Growth is part of the process. If it takes loosing a couple friends so be it… if it takes getting bad looks so be it… at the end of the day don’t take any of it personal. You are working on you and if those thoughts or people not helping contribute to your growth then they weren’t meant to be there anyway.

Forget about the approval of others …. it’s not needed for where we are going!!!!


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