Be The Energy You Want To Attract…

Now a days we meet so many people from all over the world. We meet a lot of people through our jobs, through school or through other friends, also with the heightened social media influence we come across a lot of different people through the internet as well. When you look at all the people in your life now, would you say that those people are they helping or hurting?

I ask this question specifically relating to the relationships and the energy they give when you are around them. Do the people you surround yourself with bring you good vibes and comfort? Or do you feel like some folks just take up space?

I found myself asking these questions on a regular. Not only to my peers but to myself as well. We all want to be apart of something. We all love to be surrounded by people and let and honest, we all want to be a part of the “cool crowd”. That was me at one point. Then I started feeling down everyday, to the point where after doing almost the same thing every single day got super tiring to me and I finally got fed up. The choices I was making everyday started to affect me on a mental level as well and spiritual level. Those choices were also influenced by the people I associated myself with everyday. I knew something needed to change and it started with the people I surrounded myself with.

Once I weeded out the bad ones (and yes I said bad one) my life started to change. I started to set better goals, I let go of bad habits, I started to practice better healthier habits, I started to take better care of myself and it change my thinking as a woman and as an individual. I was better to my family and my other friends. I started to be a better support system for my friends and my family and had better focus overall. The people you surround yourself with everyday will and can have either a positive or negative influence on you and you have to be careful and be able to weed out the which people are best suited for you. Just like a relationship. You also have to evaluate yourself and be the energy you want to attract.

Positive vibes only… it’s starts with you first ..

-A.Michelle ❤️

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