Your Thoughts Are Powerful…

Our thoughts are so powerful. If we realized how powerful our thoughts were, we would never think another negative thought. Surrounding yourself with positivity and positive thoughts, this starts within. Your thinking process will create the energy within yourself and will adjust what you choose to surround yourself with accordingly.

I believe that it is so much easier for us to think what could go wrong rather than what could go right! Some times we automatically assume the worst. Which I understand, we want to be prepared for the worst, But what if we prepared for the best?! What if we surrounded our thoughts with so much positivity and think ” What will I do next once everything works out for the best”?

This won’t come easy… but what if we practiced this every day when we wake up to start our day? Your thoughts creates the overall outcome and energy in your days and within yourself. Our thoughts are more powerful than we think. So let’s spend our days thinking more about the positive outcomes and positive energy.

The best has yet to come 😊


Published by A. Michelle ❤️

Just a girl and her Blog! 😊

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