“DO IT”. “Don’t Quit”.

A daily reminder to all of my readers as well and myself that are struggling with the anxiety of fears for the unknown… all who misunderstands lessons as mistakes… all who dream of big dreams but are afraid to take that leap of faith and acting on those dreams… all those you don’t feel valued or loved… all who desire all desires but feel they aren’t worthy…

Do it!! What ever it is, “Do IT”!

Fear is part of life.. if Fear is not there then your dreams are daring or big enough!

Mistakes are what we feel we’ve made but in reality the goal is to learn from all the things that didn’t go as planned or fell through the cracks. Don’t beat yourself up! Grow from these lessons. Don’t let the past hold you. Start over and do things differently than before.

Take that leap of faith! Follow your dreams! No dream is too big for anyone to accomplish, you just have to be hungry enough to work for it. No short cuts, take the route planned ahead for you and meet your goals and dream at the front door!!

You Are Worthy! You Are Valued! You Are Enough!

DO IT!! All of it!! Just Don’t Quit…..



Published by A. Michelle ❤️

Just a girl and her Blog! 😊

5 thoughts on ““DO IT”. “Don’t Quit”.

  1. I need this!! Thank you so much! PLEASE keep this blog going. It’s beautiful. People need to know they aren’t alone with their feelings/thoughts. Your words are graceful and encouraging…and in that sparks something people will adhere to.
    💕Thank you.


    1. Thanks so much. This makes me want to keep going with my blog. I love to encourage and to be honest it helps myself as well especially on the hard days. Love you. And keep in mind you are loved ❤️


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