Inhale Confidence… Exhale Doubt!!

I can honestly say that I have been through a lot of phases in my life thus far. A lot of trails and tribulations. Many many self doubting moments. There’s been times where I would want something so bad and literally allowed all of the “negative possibilities” or the “What if’s?” dwell so heavy thatContinue reading “Inhale Confidence… Exhale Doubt!!”

L.O.V.E- Should you really have to “Sacrifice”?

Some people would argue that there is reasoning to sacrifice in a relationship. No matter the relationship, Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, especially Husband & Wife. But why? Honestly. No one says ” I want to be with him/her so I can sacrifice”! Is this really something that should be a part of any relationship? Why shouldContinue reading “L.O.V.E- Should you really have to “Sacrifice”?”

Are You Living For You …Or Living for Others?….

Can you honestly say at this point in your life you have truly lived for you? Or have you been living for others? Some of us live to please others such as our family, friends, spouse, children etc…. There’s nothing wrong with including others or doing for others a times. But living for others, whatContinue reading “Are You Living For You …Or Living for Others?….”

Fail Already….. Get it over with!

Have you ever wanted something so bad but was afraid to go after it? A new career, that house, that guy/girl. You know you can really succeed or fail tremendously. BUT THE BEST OF US FAIL! Think about it, it’s like falling and getting your first scare, yeah it hurt initially but you knew ifContinue reading “Fail Already….. Get it over with!”