Knowing when to let go…

How do we know when it’s time for us to let go? Most of us are guilty of holding on to something or someone that’s not meant to be held on to. Or honestly just not worth being held on to. I know I am. I have trouble letting go of things. My biggest flaw is knowing I need to let go of something or someone, but not really knowing how to. I’ll keep holding on until it hurts me so bad to the point I then don’t have a choice but to let go. Why is this? I find myself asking myself this question a lot throughout my life. I’ve never seemed to come up with a answer of my own. Is love that powerful that we get so lost into it that we forget about our own happiness? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know they’re some folks out there that can relate. How do you know when it’s time to let go? And when that time comes how do you do it without hurting yourself in the process?

Everyone has their own way of dealing with this aspect of life.. however some of us struggle with it and that’s okay. I am one of the strugglers! I honestly think it takes time to let go. Those of you who are strong enough to do it right then and there no hurt no pain, I salute you 100%. For those like me, where it takes a process. It takes time. I am here with you and know,, we will know when it comes time to let go. Even it this “thing” or “person” mean the world to you, you’ll know. You be true to yourself, you be patient with yourself, and know if it goes and finds itself out of your life it wasn’t meant to be there from the beginning.

Love yourself first…


Ash 😘

Newbie Bloggers….


download   Newbie here! Hey guys, so as you know I am a new blogger. I started my blog about a year ago. I made a few post but wasn’t really into it and caught myself moving away from it until I eventually stopped blogging overall. I’m back for good now. I found that blogging is good for me. It’s therapeutic. It allows me to write freely, put my thoughts out there no matter the topic or whether anyone agrees with me or not. I knew when i started my blog that I did not want to blog about anything involving politics, religion, or anything that could relate to that. I want t create something that allows discussion and conversation but also allows me to express my thoughts and have fun. I know a lot of blogs are dedicated to one specific thing, and I love it! However I choose randomness. I choose variety. I choose fun lol…

So for any of my fellow new bloggers or my bloggers who are more experienced, please I would love some feedback on my blog. Anything you think I should look into or anything that could potentially help me to get my blog noticed more and attract more readers. This is not for business this is definitely for my pleasure and something that allows me freedom in the form of writing.


Would love your thoughts and feedback ,…. 🙂


Let’s Talk About It….



Hey guys! So every week I will do open discussion called “Let’s Talk About It”. All are welcomed to discuss any and all things. This is a time for all of my readers to just put it all out there. Honestly! This is for any and all who just need to vent about how there day is going. Or your boyfriend didn’t take out the trash (lol). Or maybe how your feeling at the moment, maybe you’re feeling a little down and need your spirits lifted. Hey, even if it’s a silly joke you’ve been dying to tell. Let’s do it!

Feel free to post anything and lets get a conversation started. I would love for everyone to tune in and Let’s Talk About It….

Inhale Confidence… Exhale Doubt!!


I can honestly say that I have been through a lot of phases in my life thus far. A lot of trails and tribulations. Many many self doubting moments. There’s been times where I would want something so bad and literally allowed all of the “negative possibilities” or the “What if’s?” dwell so heavy that I literally talked myself out of doing it. My motivation turned into fear fast! Honestly! Example you ask? I have plenty, but I’ll just give you a couple.

I love airplanes! I love everything about them, the designs, the engines, the idea of flight in how every part of the aircraft has it’s own specific duties and if one fails the entire aircraft could potentially fail. Wait! Seriously?! So if one screw is loose, this one small screw could potentially cause a minor problem that could escalate into a much bigger problem in a matter of seconds. That alone frightened me so much that the negative thoughts and fearing questions instantly came to my mind. I started school to learn mostly about the engines. I wanted to know how their were built, how they operated, how and who came up with the designs of the engines. I don’t like flying let’s make that clear! However I do love engines and everything about them so I wanted to become a Aircraft Mechanic. Not long after starting school I dropped out because I allowed self doubt to overcome my thoughts. I allowed fear to fill my emotions. I let the thought of failing pull me away from something that I wanted so bad. At least that’s what I thought.

Not long after that I wanted to move to relocate to another state. I wanted to move to Florida. I made a plan, even applied for a ton of jobs. I did not have any family there at the time which frightened me on the aspect of being lonely. Then I started doubting myself because of my age, that I was too young and I should wait until I’m older to take such a big step like this. I also allowed other people’s opinions affect my thoughts and plans as well. Which was one of the biggest problems I’ve had to teach myself to overcome. Not allowing others peoples opinions influence those of my own.

My point in saying all of this is simple. Don’t let self doubt influence your life. Inhale confidence…. Exhale doubt. Make this a part of your routine everyday. When you find yourself having a challenging day.. Exhale the doubt of the stress or how you’re going to make it through the day,, and inhale the confidence knowing that you will overcome all challenges, that you will make it through the day with a smile while  doing it. Let me tell you I am a work in progress but I do not allow doubt to drive me of coarse of what i want to accomplish in life. I take the good with the bad. I am currently working on obtaining my Bachelors degree and let me be the first to tell you I totally wish I would have went to school straight out of high school, but life got the best if me. No worries it’s definitely still within arms reach and trust me I’m reaching!! It’s been a lot of different things to throw me off my path, but I am pushing through all of it. I thank God every day for allowing me to continue working towards my goals and as long as I have breath in my body I WILL NOT stop until I obtain that degree. If you are reading this and are having any doubts about anything in life right now at this moment, please Inhale Confidence and Exhale doubt and know that all things are possible. You got this 🙂

L.O.V.E- Should you really have to “Sacrifice”?


Some people would argue that there is reasoning to sacrifice in a relationship. No matter the relationship, Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, especially Husband & Wife. But why? Honestly. No one says ” I want to be with him/her so I can sacrifice”! Is this really something that should be a part of any relationship? Why should anyone have to give up anything just to accommodate the other person? What does it do for the one making the sacrifice? Not saying this is a bad thing for persons who believe this is a true part of being in a relationship, but I am just curious to know how people feel about this subject.

Are You Living For You …Or Living for Others?….

Can you honestly say at this point in your life you have truly lived for you? Or have you been living for others? Some of us live to please others such as our family, friends, spouse, children etc…. There’s nothing wrong with including others or doing for others a times. But living for others, what do you really get from that? What’s are the Pro’s. cause we all definitely have lived through the Con’s of it. Me myself, I can honestly admit I haven’t been living for me but for everybody else. I’ve been selfish to me. Sounds crazy but it’s true. I’ve neglected Myself my whole life trying to make everybody else happy, trying to get everyone’s approval or to prove to others that I’m actually doing this thing called “life” as best as I can. At this point I realized that if I keep this up nothing will work out for me and my life. Not my goals , not my relationship, not my relationships with my family and most importantly my own happiness. There comes a point in life where you will come to realize whether or not you’ve been doing this the right way or the wrong way.  I know now it’s not everybody else’s life it’s MINE!! I have to appreciate life, my life because it’s mine to live. Took me a while and that’s alright. There’s nothing wrong with including and doing for others but we have to distinguish between the two. Put yourself first because if you don’t you teach others to put you second. Are You Living for You…Or Living For Others?…. 

It’s Deeper Than You….

Every day you should wake up more motivated than you did the day before. I know you’re tired, we all are! Some more than others. But just think if you wake up everyday and go a little harder than you did the day before? Imagine the outcome, all the good that can come from giving a little more , doing a little more, loving a little more? Not just for the sake of making yourself a better person, It’s Deeper Than That… Its deeper than you. If you gave a little more, did a little more, loved a little more. Imagine how much of a this could have a positive effect on the lives of others. It doesn’t cost a thing, just a few seconds of your day. 
– It’s Deeper Than You… 

Fail Already….. Get it over with!

Placeholder ImageHave you ever wanted something so bad but was afraid to go after it? A new career, that house, that guy/girl. You know you can really succeed or fail tremendously. BUT THE BEST OF US FAIL! Think about it, it’s like falling and getting your first scare, yeah it hurt initially but you knew if this happened again you could deal with it. Or getting your first heartbreak, it sucks ALOT! But life continued to happen for you and  you got back out there knowing it could happen again! Don’t let fear of failing stop you from anything! What’s life without risk anyways? BORIINNNNGGGG! SO GO ON! FAIL ALREADY! GET IT OVER WITH! Then peel off the bandages and get back out there. Success will come to those who seek it. Risk are there,  but that’s the road to success. SEEK IT! FIND IT! REACH IT!