Just here to say…Keep Going!!

Not sure who needs to hear this but ” KEEP GOING”!!! 🗣🗣🗣

I know it’s the middle of the week and the ending of the first month of the new year!! Keep going! If you’re having a rough week, don’t worry it’s gonna get better!! If not always end of the week strong and start brand new Monday!!!

If your first month of 2019 started off on the wrong wave.. hey you have the strength and the power to turn it around! Regroup, plan differently, everyday is a new chance to start over! Start fresh! It’s another chance to get it right! No matter what, KEEP GOING!!!

Yours truly …

-A.Michelle ❤️

Be The Energy You Want To Attract…

Now a days we meet so many people from all over the world. We meet a lot of people through our jobs, through school or through other friends, also with the heightened social media influence we come across a lot of different people through the internet as well. When you look at all the people in your life now, would you say that those people are they helping or hurting?

I ask this question specifically relating to the relationships and the energy they give when you are around them. Do the people you surround yourself with bring you good vibes and comfort? Or do you feel like some folks just take up space?

I found myself asking these questions on a regular. Not only to my peers but to myself as well. We all want to be apart of something. We all love to be surrounded by people and let and honest, we all want to be a part of the “cool crowd”. That was me at one point. Then I started feeling down everyday, to the point where after doing almost the same thing every single day got super tiring to me and I finally got fed up. The choices I was making everyday started to affect me on a mental level as well and spiritual level. Those choices were also influenced by the people I associated myself with everyday. I knew something needed to change and it started with the people I surrounded myself with.

Once I weeded out the bad ones (and yes I said bad one) my life started to change. I started to set better goals, I let go of bad habits, I started to practice better healthier habits, I started to take better care of myself and it change my thinking as a woman and as an individual. I was better to my family and my other friends. I started to be a better support system for my friends and my family and had better focus overall. The people you surround yourself with everyday will and can have either a positive or negative influence on you and you have to be careful and be able to weed out the which people are best suited for you. Just like a relationship. You also have to evaluate yourself and be the energy you want to attract.

Positive vibes only… it’s starts with you first ..

-A.Michelle ❤️

What’s Stopping You?

What’s stopping you?

What stopping you from acting?

What’s stopping you from acting on the things you want and things you desire?

Fear? Past failures? Worried about approval?

Now is the time to act on all the things you want. You have to prove ONLY yourself that you are capable. Forget the past failures. Failure is part of the road to success. You have to fail to succeed. It’s part of the process. Fear comes naturally, and if it’s not a part of your journey to meeting your goals and dreams then maybe they aren’t big enough or challenging enough. If your focus is on approval from others then you will never fulfill the goals and desires that you want. It’s about YOU not everybody else. Most people don’t care and the others don’t want you to succeed. That’s just the reality of it. You have to remove all the clutter from your mind and your life. It all starts mentally. Once you capture that and able to maintain focus only on yourself and your goals, you’ve mastered half of the battle. Stop putting it off, saying,” Oh maybe next year”, or “Oh not right now”.


The time is NOW…

You are deserving of all things you desire. You are worthy of all successes in your future. You are good enough. You are strong enough.

Focus. Take Action. Apply Pressure. Get It Done.



Friendship :

is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity; good will.

What does friendship mean to you?

When you sit back and evaluate all of the relationships in your life, no matter if it’s family, friends, your significant other, classmates any kind of relationship can you honestly say Friendship resides there?

For example, family! We all love our family but let’s me honest we all have that 1 family member (LOL). Do you have friendships within your family? Can you call any of them your friend? Your brother or sister? Uncle or Aunty?

I have a brother who is honestly my best-friend. He’s knows everything that’s goes on in my life, past & present. He’s pretty much my diary in human form. I know that’s pretty weird a girl having a brother that’s her best friend when we all know all brothers and sisters do is fight and argue growing up!! Not this one… he is truly a treasured person in my life. He listens, he corrects me when I am wrong, he knows the right things to say when I am at a lost, he knows when something is wrong and I don’t have to say a word! We don’t go a long period of time with out talking to one another and if we do, on that third day he’s calling me or I’m calling him ready to spill all the tea lol.

We have a bond that’s been building since we were younger and getting stronger every single day. All of my friends that I have in my life are truly the definition of a real friendship. Whenever I need them, they’re always the first ones there! If they see me starting to fall they’re always there to pick me back up!! The support is genuine and the bonds can never be broken. There’s always a mutual relationship between us. We all respect each other’s likes and dislikes. We respect each other’s lifestyles and support each other on every level of life.. Spiritually, Mentally, & Emotionally.

It’s a blessing to have people in your life that you can depend on to always be there when it counts the most. If you have people like this in your life, hold on to them! They’re the ones you need the most….

Friendships are treasures in ones life. Hold on to it! Hold on to them! You don’t get to many of the real ones 😉

This post is dedicated to my very best friends.. Dre, Rayona, Jasmine

-Love you guys❤️

-A.Michelle ❤️

Approval & Growth DO NOT MIX…

We live our lives every day dealing with people and doing things that we feel are necessary just to get the approval from others. We are all guilty of it. We post pictures on social media to get likes from people, most of whom we don’t even know. We hang with people who we don’t really like but we deal with them anyway. Why? Well that’s a really good question. This was my life before I decided that something needed to change!!!!

I felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere. Everything in my life seemed pointless from the materialistic things that didn’t mean anything to me really and added no value to my life. The people weren’t inspiring to push forward or set any goals. They pretty much was happy with their current situations and at that time I knew I wasn’t. I had to do something about it.

I knew I had to change everything I was doing in order to get to the life I wanted for myself. I desired change. I needed Growth. Once I made up my mind the things I wanted and the life I desired I started thinking differently. Not based on how everyone felt or what they would think but solely on what Ashley wanted and what she’s needed to accomplish to get there. Immediately I put myself in a better situations. Surrounded myself with better people and when I say better people I mean the goals they had, the things they were doing and working on. Didn’t matter if we had the same goals or not, the fact they actually set goals and created plans on how to reach them. It motivated me in so many ways. Mentally, emotionally, physically I changed, I grew stronger. I grew to a point where I didn’t care what ANYONE thought about me and what I was doing. Approval and Growth Do Not Mix..

I say all this to say do what makes YOU happy. Not for the approval of others but for you. Get out of that comfort stage and make the moves you need to make to get to your goals. Growth is part of the process. If it takes loosing a couple friends so be it… if it takes getting bad looks so be it… at the end of the day don’t take any of it personal. You are working on you and if those thoughts or people not helping contribute to your growth then they weren’t meant to be there anyway.

Forget about the approval of others …. it’s not needed for where we are going!!!!


Dream + Goal +Plan +Action =REALITY!!!



“a plan backed by action becomes reality”.

I am starting my first blog of 2019 off with this. We all have dreams that we aspire to bring to life everyday. Some are huge dreams and some are small dreams but a deam is a dream! We must work to bring them to reality. What if we acted on those dreams? I challenge all of my readers to abide by this. Write down your dream and give your self a deadline to complete the steps needed to bring those dreams you’ve written down to reality. When you write down your goals, then list the steps needed to be completed to meet your goal. Then lets make plans to get to where you need to be and a step closer to reaching those goals . Now once you do these steps the easy part is done. The last and finale part will be all on you, it will not be easy as most of us already know because we all know if it were easy we would have everything we want in life! (I totally wish that it was that easy.)

A plan backed by action becomes reality….

This is the most important piece in everything we do in life. We can write down all the things we wish to have. We can write down all the steps needed to get you closer to your goals and dreams, but what is a plan with out action? We have to do the work. Follow the plan you created and take the steps needed to get closer to your goals. Follow every step, no shortcuts, no taking the easy routes. Take your time, follow your timelines, meets your deadlines and I know you will bring those dreams to reality!!

I challenge all of you to this. I will part take in this as well. I can’t wait to see all the dreams come to reality!!!

We got this!! Remember



-A.Michelle ❤️