Committing to Commitments….

How many times have we made commitments to ourselves that we didn’t follow through or made some sorry excuse that it wasn’t doable? How many of us have let the “fear of failure” stop us at completing something? Could be a goal,, a plan,, a trip,, a relationship anything really….

I’ll be the first to say, “ I am guilty of all of them”! I know things I’ve always wanted to do I allowed  mostly fear of failure stop me or I was simply just to lazy. One day I woke up and I knew things had to change. I decided that I am going to challenge myself to commit to my commitments. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small goal,, planning a trip,, loose weight,, or even as simple as cleaning out the storage unit. Committing to my commitments will allow me to progress in life. It has helped me to stretch and reach pass the lazy mode that dragged on and on for years that held me back from reaching amazing levels that I’ve reached today. We are so focused on committing to others things and people  only at the benefits of them. But what about ourselves? I challenge anyone who reads this to set 3 goals. Doesn’t have to be super serious it could be something you’ve wanted to do for fun or could be a serious goal that only you’ve held your self from. Either way I challenge you to commit to them. I can promise you that just staying  committed to these will start a new trend for your life that will push you to success and change the way you view yourself as a person and know that you are capable of anything. Commit to yourself,, commit to your goals,, commit to your commitments and watch how your energy, your mind, your surroundings change and flourish in ways you never thought possible for yourself . Stretch outside of your comfort zone,, focus on where you want to go.. and stay committed. Those “ I cant’s” will soon be “ I will’s”.D022F443-CCD6-477D-9A6B-A167F993FD37

Committing to your Commitments is the key….


A.Michelle ❤️

Dear Jewel….💞

Dear Jewel,

March 29,2003, finally my dreams were answered.  I have a little sister was all I could say! You were the best thing to happen to me. Your sweet smile, your chubby cheeks, your squeaky laugh when you were just a baby was music to my ears. You’ve cahnged me in ways you don’t even realize. You were born with Downsyndrome although the doctors said you wouldn’t be able to do this or do that you proved them wrong every time. You push me to be better. You always have. When my days are cloudy and gray, when I am faced with lifes challenges and just want to disappear and give up I think nope, Jewel didn’t give up so how can I? When I recievd the phone call that you had a stroke, loosing movement on the right side of your body with a blood clot on your brain and going through all of this only at the vulnerable age of 15, my world stopped. My heart skipped beats, my breaths became short and reality hit me hard with no time to brace for impact. But 2 weeks later the strength you have within you, you overcame it all. You smiled everyday even though you were in pain, your spirit is so touching and calming. The crocked smile that I saw when I asked you to smile reassured me that my God is still in control and from that day you’ve done nothing but progressed. You are the treasure at the end of my rainbow, the light at the end of every challeneg I face. Your name defines exactly what you are to me a precious, valuable, rare gift that you can’t find just anywhere. Mom chose the perfect name for you. I love you  and I thank God for blessing with you. You are my motivation and my peace.  Stay strong baby girl we got this, God got us…..

P.S…. There’s so much beauty behind that crocked smile

Your Big Sis ..Ashley


Promise to self…

As human beings we are so caught up on wanting to please others, wanting to create happiness for others. We frequently make promises to prove to others that we are reliable or proving that we are trustworthy to maintain friendships and relationships. I know I’m guilty of this! There nothing wrong with this, but when was the last time you made a promise to yourself? When was the last time you tried or worked on the relationship with yourself? Most people don’t think about it. Most are their best selves for others but not for themselves. Let’s make a promise to self… 

Promise something to yourself that you will improve or give more of,, or even won’t tolerate anymore. Anything involving self improvement is always a win.

My promise to self is to be more patient.. be more kind and take care of my body better. Eat healthy, workout daily , remove negative energy and people out of my life. I promise to get more rest .. the body definitely needs proper rest. Last and most importantly take time on relationships, with family with friends and significant others. Reach out more, strengthen relationships and communicate more. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

This is my promise to self ….

What is your promise to self? What’s something you want to improve or commit to within yourself?


Yesterday’s …Today

Leaving yesterday’s with the start of today. As I wrote these words I think about all I’ve done today. The goals I’ve set. The goals I managed to complete and the ones that I didn’t quiet reach. At a point in my life I would criticize myself and be hard on myself because I didn’t manage to get everything done I’d planned for or just seemed like there was never enough time in a day. Now I’ve learned to be more patient with myself,, with my thoughts,, with my body and not to overwhelm myself. I simply allow myself to acknowledge and accept what I’ve been able to complete and know that tomorrow is another day to give it a go. With that said be the best YOU you can be every day. Leave yesterday with today knowing we’re gonna give it all we got.

Yours truely,

A.Michelle ❤️

Self Love…

What does Self Love mean to you?….

I’ve discovered this is one of the most rewarding loves I will ever experience in life. However it’s not easy to find or master. This is something that comes with great practice and preparation. You’ll have to work towards this everyday until you master the gift and the skill of loving. Not just loving anyone but loving yourself! I believe it is very easy to love someone else. As a woman we were created to have this loving aspect to us, its built in our genetic makeup, for example we were created to bare children! This is one of  the many great things the woman species can do. Question? Were we born with the skill  to love ourselves. Do you love you? Of course most women will respond with ” Yes I love me”!. Do you really love you? How do you know that? Someone asked me this question and I honestly had to stop and think. Responding whole heartedly, “No, but I am practicing everyday until I master that quality!” I am so focused on everyone else, looking out for everyone else but lack to do so for myself. I am guilty of not loving myself. As a woman that is not something I want to come back in my more mature years to haunt me. Its never to late to learn. I had to go through a lot and experience losses to realize that self love is the best love. I didn’t learn right away because I was distracted by other “loves” that I thought were more important or meant more in my life. Growing up I wasn’t exposed to that either. As I got older I am understanding and learning how important this is. You can have a lot of great qualities within yourself, but what are we without self love? Once you have master the art of self love, you will no longer have the sense of loneliness. Once you love yourself whole heartedly no one else can break that feeling or change how you view yourself.

Quote of the day..

Dear, Broken WOMAN


Dear Broken Woman,


I hope this letter finds you. I hope you are being good to yourself. I hope you are being patient with yourself. I know things are tough, tougher than you’re used to. I know things are happening and you feel it is out of your control. I know you’re wondering why me? What did you do to deserve so much hurt, so much pain. You’re very confused and upset because you have no control of what is hurting you the most. Or maybe you do. Either way I need you to hang in there. I need you to hold your head high! Walk tall and get up every morning and be confident that everything will be just fine. It’s okay to cry! Scream if you have to, it’s part of the healing process but remember when you finish you wipe your tears and you continue to push through. Push through whatever it is that is hurting you. I assure you that nothing last forever and I’m no expert but I will tell you this, as long as you continue to be patient, be kind, speak and think positive with yourself, nothing can hold you down forever. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and speak positive things. I promise you everything will work out for the better. Love yourself more than whatever is hurting you. Forgive yourself, make a change if necessary. Dear broken woman, I hope this letter finds you.

Be patient, Be kind. Take it one day at a time.




Knowing when to let go…

How do we know when it’s time for us to let go? Most of us are guilty of holding on to something or someone that’s not meant to be held on to. Or honestly just not worth being held on to. I know I am. I have trouble letting go of things. My biggest flaw is knowing I need to let go of something or someone, but not really knowing how to. I’ll keep holding on until it hurts me so bad to the point I then don’t have a choice but to let go. Why is this? I find myself asking myself this question a lot throughout my life. I’ve never seemed to come up with a answer of my own. Is love that powerful that we get so lost into it that we forget about our own happiness? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know they’re some folks out there that can relate. How do you know when it’s time to let go? And when that time comes how do you do it without hurting yourself in the process?

Everyone has their own way of dealing with this aspect of life.. however some of us struggle with it and that’s okay. I am one of the strugglers! I honestly think it takes time to let go. Those of you who are strong enough to do it right then and there no hurt no pain, I salute you 100%. For those like me, where it takes a process. It takes time. I am here with you and know,, we will know when it comes time to let go. Even it this “thing” or “person” mean the world to you, you’ll know. You be true to yourself, you be patient with yourself, and know if it goes and finds itself out of your life it wasn’t meant to be there from the beginning.

Love yourself first…


Ash 😘

Newbie Bloggers….


download   Newbie here! Hey guys, so as you know I am a new blogger. I started my blog about a year ago. I made a few post but wasn’t really into it and caught myself moving away from it until I eventually stopped blogging overall. I’m back for good now. I found that blogging is good for me. It’s therapeutic. It allows me to write freely, put my thoughts out there no matter the topic or whether anyone agrees with me or not. I knew when i started my blog that I did not want to blog about anything involving politics, religion, or anything that could relate to that. I want t create something that allows discussion and conversation but also allows me to express my thoughts and have fun. I know a lot of blogs are dedicated to one specific thing, and I love it! However I choose randomness. I choose variety. I choose fun lol…

So for any of my fellow new bloggers or my bloggers who are more experienced, please I would love some feedback on my blog. Anything you think I should look into or anything that could potentially help me to get my blog noticed more and attract more readers. This is not for business this is definitely for my pleasure and something that allows me freedom in the form of writing.


Would love your thoughts and feedback ,…. 🙂